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10. Black Eyed Peas
Fergie joined forces with the already established Hip-Hop group in 2003, and ever since, they’ve been churning out the quirk-funk goodness almost nonstop. With twisting the knobbies, they’ve infested the radio with party cuts like ‘Let’s Get It Started’ and ‘Pump It,’ and not to mention thoroughly confusing/delighting us with weirdness like ‘My Humps.’ And of course you have this year’s ‘Boom Boom Pow’:

9. Amy Winehouse
Amy took the world by storm with her signature gigantic beehive and voice right out of the 60’s. Her soulful songs like ‘Rehab’ and ‘You Know I’m No Good’ are fun and catchy. They brought a new type of sound to the radio, and Amy paved the way for other female artists like Adele and Duffy. Although Amy’s been involved in her share of scandals — Get Well, Girl! — there’s no denying her talent.

8. Pink
Pink is still the same tough chick we met in 2000 with ‘Can’t Take Me Home.’ Almost a decade and 5 total albums later, she is still giving us the in-your-face (but easy to sing) pop lyrics that speak for a generation.

7. Jay-Z
We’re huge HUGE fans of Shawn Carter, who has left his imprint on popular music in the production room (‘Umbrella,’ ‘Crazy In Love’) and of course at the mic. And much of it happened after he “retired” in 2002. His versatility is renown, having worked with rockers Linkin Park and …

6. Coldplay
Say what you want, but Coldplay has sold over 50 million records worldwide and pushed out four albums this decade including ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’ and ‘Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.’ Behind lead singer and songwriter Chris Martin, Coldplay gives fans mellow, emotional tracks that dig much deeper than most Top 40 hits.

5. Gwen Stefani
In the past decade, there is no doubt that Gwen proved her diverse music style with her first solo album ‘Love. Angel. Music. Baby’ — and subsequently gave birth to the ‘Hollaback Girl.’ Her on-and-off work with No Doubt is just icing on the cake, and it’s amazing how quickly her solo career surpassed her ba

4. Green Day
People will be talking about ‘American Idiot’ for decades to come. The 2004 album stands as the Berkeley-based punk combo’s defining moment and eternal props to them for turning a rock opera about “Jesus of Suburbia” into the biggest-selling rock album of that year. To be sure, it doesn’t get much better than ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams.’ They followed up ‘Idiot’ with this year’s ’21st Century Breakdown,’ another rock opera.

3. Justin Timberlake
Whatever Justin did, we’re sure the other *NSYNC-ers wish they thought of. We don’t know how he made the transition from the clean-cut boy band image to Michael Jackson-esque R&B-Pop without us batting an eye … but he did. We’ll give credit to Timbaland for much of it. Songs like ‘Cry Me A River’ and ‘SexyBack’ were new and unusual songs that we couldn’t get out of our heads. And that Superbowl performance with Janet Jackson? That erased any trace of a good-boy image he had left.

2. Beyonce
The 00’s have been kind to Beyonce, to say the least. While Destiny’s Child was awesome, going solo was the best thing that could have happened to her. Seriously, she’s so famous she doesn’t even need that last name. Beyonce has proven she knows how to do a dance hit (see: Crazy in Love, Deja Vu, Single Ladies) as well as a ballad (see: Listen, If I Were A Boy), and she does them equally well. She also knows how to put on a show — her costumes and choreography never disappoint.

1. Britney Spears
You can’t deny it, Britney has dominated the decade. Her music endures on MTV and radio and her often erratic and always interesting personal life has made for endless tabloid fodder. Her musical output between 2000-2008 was astounding. She dropped a huge ‘Oops!’ at the dawn of the decade and followed that with ‘Britney’ a year later. In 2003, she delivered what we think is one of the best pop songs of the decade, ‘Toxic’ (complete with an insanely sexy music video). Two more albums followed, with the latest dropping last year. True, it’s impossible to ignore her personal woes (marriages, divorces, drinking, weird boyfriends, shaved heads, rehab …), but in the end this was all about a former Mouseketeer developing into the world’s biggest star.



{September 27, 2009}   orang penipu

gw lagi chat di tempat favorit. tiba2, ada temen gw (sebut aja si A) bilang:

A: tadi aku di sms sama seorang XX (singkatan klub) Mataram, katanya dia dapet kabar dari XX Bandung kalo B (nama idola) punya pacar namanya Indira…. JAWAB YANG JUJUR, KALO NGGAK DOSANYA BANYAKK!!

NAH? maunya apa tuh orang? Mau bkin sensasi? Mau ngejelek-jelekin gw? Mau gimana gw jelas gag tau. Entah itu gw, apa orang lain.

Pagi kemarin tanggal 17 juli, terjadi ledakan bom di dekat hotel JW Marriott dan Ritz Carlton.
Jumlah korban ledakan bom di Hotel JW Marriott dan Ritz Carlton di RS MMC dari Jumat (17/7/2009) malam hingga pagi ini tidak ada perubahan. Dari 36 korban, tinggal 15 orang yang masih dirawat.
Namun ada 3 korban yang masih harus dirawat intensif. “Ada 3 di ICU, 2 WNA dan 1 WNI,” ujar perwakilan sekretariat RS MMC, Rebecca di RS MMC, Jl HR Rasuna Said, Jakarta, Sabtu (18/7/2009).
Sementara itu, para penjenguk terus berdatangan di RS MMC Jakarta. Terakhir, Menhan Juwono Sudarsono sekitar pukul 10.20 WIB datang ke RS MMC untuk menjenguk para korban yang masih dirawat.

Anda pasti tahu bahwa tim sepak bola MU alias Manchester United akan datang ke Indonesia, kan? Berhubung adanya teror bom di Jakarta, MU membatalkan kunjungannya untuk bermain di Indonesia. Hal ini menimbulkan kekecewaan bagi orang-orang yang menanti kunjungan.

Bukan hanya orang-orang saja. Panitia Penyelenggara kedatangan MU ke Indonesia pun mengalami kerugian sebesar 50 Milyar Rupiah. Tiket yang dibeli sudah dikembalikan pada pembeli tiket, namun uangnya tidak 100% kembali.

Saya sekeluarga mengucapkan belasungkawa terhadap orang-orang yang tewas dalam kejadian ini, Direktur Holcim yang ikut tewas, serta diberikan kesembuhan untuk yang masih dirawat.

Berikut ini adalah Link foto2 korban dan gedung yang hancur akibat Bom:

Joan of Arc was born in 1412 Domremy, France. Legend says that she was born to auspicious signs held to be a forecast of national triumph.

From an early age Joan of Arc displayed a sensitive and religious temperament. It is said by friends that:

“She was greatly committed to the service of God and the Blessed Mary.” (1)

From the age of 12 she began to have mystical visions. In these visions she said she felt the voice of God commanding her to renew the French nation. At her later trial Joan of Arc said she felt these visions were as real seeing another person. The visions were often accompanied by light and the presence of saints such as St Michael and St Catherine. These visions made Joan of Arc even more religiously inclined she would frequently go to confession and whenever she heard the bells for Mass she would immediately drop her work and run to church.

nitially Joan did not tell others about her visions and inner commandments but in May 1428 the divine messages urged her to seek an audience with Charles de Ponthieu an ineffective leader of the Dauphins.

At the time of Joan’s childhood France was seriously divided. In 1415 King Henry V of England had invaded France and defeated the French army at Agincourt. This famous victory over the French nobility left the country weak and divided. The main divisions were between the Dauphins and English supporting Burgundians.

Under Charles de Ponthieu the French were without direction and without a real leader. When Joan of Arc came to the court she overwhelmed Charles with her passion and conviction. It is quite remarkable that this 17 year old peasant girl was, as a consequence, given control over an army and allowed to lead them into battle. Within a year Joan of Arc had led the French army to victories at Orleans, Patay and Troyes. Many other towns were also liberated from English control and it allowed a triumphal entry into Dauphin for the coronation of King Charles VII on 17 July 1929.

For her exploits and leadership Joan of Arc and her family were granted noble status. She has also won the hearts of the French soldiers who looked up to Joan as an almost mythical leader. However a year later Joan was captured by the Burgundian forces at Compiegne and sold to the English. Her trial is well documented and provides a revealing insight into her character and destiny. The English and English supporting clergy decided to put her on trial for witchcraft. In many ways it was a show trial with the result cleverly orchestrated by Pierre Cauchon. Pierre Cauchon was a staunch supporter of the British and hated Joan of Arc for her miraculous revival of French national pride. Joan was found guilty and condemned to death by burning at the stake. Faced with such an overwhelming ordeal Joan broke down and confessed. However a week later she regained her strength and recanted her confession. She was able to face her ordeal with dignity. It is said that over 10,000 people came to see her execution by burning. Her ashes were scattered in the Seine. One legend tells how her heart remained unaffected by the fire.

26 years later the English were finally driven from Rouen and in a later inquest she was declared to be officially innocent and was officially designated to be a martyr. She was canonized a saint in 1920 and remains the patron saint of France.

Joan of Arc achieved a remarkable achievement in her short life of 19 years. In particular she embodied religious devotion with great bravery and humility.

{Juli 11, 2009}   <3 Wish Upon A Cookie <3

Ga seaneh judulnya sih . ngambil dari iklannya Samsung Star .

Jadi gara2 kemaren kemalingan, sekaligus hadiah ultah, kita sekeluarga ke PRJ .

Di rumah udah diputusin mau beli Samsung Star . Dah lama ngidam HP Touchscreen!!!

Pas nyampe di PRJ, kita ke Hall D apa E gitu . Langsung melesat ke stand Samsung . Iklan Samsung Star udah dipajang gede2 di depan stand .

Kita liat2 dulu . Ada trial-nya juga . Sesaat yang tadinya bangga, hepi, dll itu ilang . Mencetnya mesti keras bgt!! Tapi desainnya bagus . Kayaknya bukan MY TIPE banget .

Pas banget stoknya abis . Jadi kita cari HP laen . Di stand VirtuV, K-Touch, Nokia, ampe diii… LG!

Di LG ini dapet yg Cookie KP500 . Waw! keren! MY TIPE bangeett!!

{Juli 11, 2009}   Happy B’day

hepi besdey 2 me..
hepi besdey 2 me..
hepi besdey hepi besdey..
hepi besdey 2 me..

Jadi inget yg ada di buku Harry Potter yang ke 2…kasian banget si Harry, ga pernah dapet kado & ga pernah ngerayain ultah seumur idup di Privet Drive.
Ultah kali ini ga menarik2 amat. Cuma libur ke Bandung, dibeliin HP baru, sm kartu ucapan sebiji. ga tau nanti keluarga pada dtg ap nggak.

{Mei 7, 2009}   Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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